Corporate: International & Offshore

Corporate: International & Offshore

Most pedantic tax advisors will tell you all International is Offshore. And technically, they are correct. We try to avoid the pedantry.

Instead, we bring you advice that takes account of the taxes in any jurisdictions that you are involved with. Sometimes, the use of a 3rd party jurisdiction can benefit you: we will tell you about it.

International tax advice is not just about setting up corporate structures. It is also knowing what the correct VAT rate is and when and where to register. What is the correct rate of withholding tax on the dividends and interest you receive.

Is your international business structured properly? Should its Intellectual Property be located in a different country? It is not all about the Double Irish / Single Malt / Dutch Sandwich. Using specific tax incentives in various countries can mitigate tax without the artificiality associated with more well known schemes.


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