Tax Investigations

Tax Investigations

Because of where we are based, we specialise on Tax Investigations with an Offshore element.

Such Tax investigations are becoming increasingly common. Most tax authorities have access to far more information than they previously had. The bottom line on this is that the tax authorities will find out about undisclosed tax structures sooner or later.

Where somebody has used an offshore bank account as a tax evasion tool, often the only assistance that we can provide is to negotiate payment instalment plan and try to mitigate the penalties. The same applies where tax structures were never more than a mechanism to hide funds.

However, tax investigations can arise in more innocuous ways. For example, the structure may have been established correctly but has been overtaken by legislation. Or the structure may still be effective, but the tax authorities want to probe it.

In any case, we can help. We have years of experience which helps us identify the tax planning even where the original tax planner is now absent. That experience allows us to approach the tax authorities with confidence.


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